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Tamá Taié Tribe

International community of monthly meetings

Tamá Taié Tribe is an international community of monthly meetings. 
Join us to raise your vibrational frequency and upkeep it periodically!

What will we do?


A special topic each month to learn all about your vibrational frequency and how to use it.


A space to share experiences and learn from each other.


A Tamá Taié group activation to raise your frequency.


Tamá Taié Tribe Topics

 Next Tribe 11 February

Planetary Grid-Activating and Anchoring Consciousness


Together I am stronger
  • Connect with your tribe.

  • Put co-creation into practice.

  • Feel the connection.

  • Discover the power of mutual support.

  • Lose the fear of being unique in the group.

Practical information

  • A Tamá Taié Tribe session takes approximately 2,5 hours.
  • The fee is on donation-
  • Maximum 9 participants,
  • Once a month on different locations
  • Check on upcoming events for the next Tamá Taié Tribe location and date

Laten we bellen!

Kies een dag, ik bel je en beantwoord je vragen.