Friday 21 April 20:00

Corsicalaan 29, 3059 XX Rotterdam

The session is on a donation basis, give what you can €3… €33… € 333… The amount we ask is to cover costs. Feel free to give more or nothing. Don’t let money stop you from participating.
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Tamá Taié Tribe is an international community of monthly meetings. 
Join us to raise your vibrational frequency and upkeep it periodically!

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february 14th


Coming out of the cocoon with renewed energy


Friday 21


For many of us this past winter has been one of the hardest on an emotional level, this is no coincidence, we are all subject to the wave of changes and new energies that are crossing the planet and crossing us. We should remember that we are not on the planet, but we ARE the planet.
The natural cycles of light and shadow also affect us. However, the more conscious we become that on an emotional level we live together with the natural cycles of the earth, the more harmony we will feel within ourselves.

Just as plants allow themselves to bloom, that is, to expose the most vulnerable and beautiful part of themselves, we too need energy and courage to bloom. Plants needed all those months of darkness to bloom. Flowering is one of the acts that takes the most energy and hard work for a plant in the whole annual cycle, and it would not be possible without the previous stillness of winter. Only if the plant dares to flower will it then be able to bear fruit.


We will have a Tamá Taié group session to raise your frequency . This time we are going to activate the return to light.

In human terms this means daring to expose oneself, to expose both the vulnerability and the unique beauty of each of us. Knowing that we are unique in the whole universe makes us strong but it also makes us feel vulnerable, it can make us feel intimately alone or misunderstood. That’s why coming out of the cocoon and exposing yourself can be scary. Spring is now pulsating around and within us, we can use its energy to strengthen us and dare to take a step further in BEING and EXPRESSING who we really are. The activation of Tamá Taié raises the vibratory frequency of our entire physical, emotional and mental system, so it can be understood as a ” boost ” of energy to achieve our goals.

When your frequency rises, among other benefits, you have access to the memory stored in your cells. It is time to remember who you really are and awaken your true human power.


We will share experiences and insighs to learn from each other.

Learn about your own vibrational frequency and how to use it in your daily life.


We focus on one topic at each meeting to learn about frequencies and how to use them.


We open a space and time to share experiences and learn from each other.


You receive Tamá Taié activation to raise to raise your vibrational frequency.

Practical information

  • A Tamá Taié Tribe session takes approximately 2,5 hours.
  • The session is on a donation basis.
  • Maximum 10 participants.
  • Once a month on different locations. Join our newsletter to stay up to date.