The next Tamá Taié Tribe is already fully booked. If you are interested in joining this Tribe one or more times, please send us a message. We will add a second meeting a month if enough people sign up.
With love,
Marina Breton

The last Tribe was on Saturday 11 February, 2023

13:00 Numansdorp

The session is on a donation basis, give what you can €1… €11… € 111… The amount we ask is to cover costs. Feel free to give more or nothing. Don’t let money stop you from participating.
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Tamá Taié Tribe is an international community of monthly meetings. 
Join us to raise your vibrational frequency and upkeep it periodically!

Once a month 
on different locations

Numansdorp-Capelle aan den Ijssel- Rotterdam

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TTTT Tamá Taié Tribe Topics

february 14th

Planetary Grid

Activating and Anchoring Consciousness


February 14


This is a very special time on our planet earth, many people work together to connect the planetary consciousness network. At this time the earth is asking for a different type of approach, not following blindly a person or a preconceived system but moved by love and inner guidance, recognizing yourself as maker of realities with all the attributes of a Creator God.
From July 2020 to July 2021 many people all over the world have been on the Path of I Am anchoring the Axis of the World between the North and South Poles through the Kundalini of the Planet. In February 2022 we performed a great Activation and Anchoring of Consciousness in the Planetary Network. 

To activate the network we must act like the cells of a body, each one is independent and knows what it has to do, but at the same time it is part of a larger body. That is our nature. We are not “on the planet”, we ARE the planet. 


This time we are going to strengthen the Free, Autonomous and Creative Being that you are by natural cosmic right, to be part of the network of consciousness and learn to co-create realities.

We will have a Tamá Taié group session to raise your frequency 

When your frequency rises, among other benefits, you have access to the memory stored in your cells. It is time to remember who you really are and awaken your true human power.


We will share experiences and insighs to learn from each other.

Learn about your own vibrational frequency and how to use it in your daily life.


We focus on one topic at each meeting to learn about frequencies and how to use them.


We open a space and time to share experiences and learn from each other.


You receive Tamá Taié activation to raise to raise your vibrational frequency.

Practical information

  • A Tamá Taié Tribe session takes approximately 2,5 hours.
  • The session is on a donation basis.
  • Maximum 10 participants.
  • Once a month on different locations. Join our newsletter to stay up to date.