Give it to The Time

The pain, the anger, the sadness, the lust, the jealousy, the desire, the impotence, the greed, the desperation, the need, the fear, the loss, the doubt, the wish, the stubbornness, the hope, the stupidity, the restlessness.

Cut yourself off at the root, keep the self and give the you to The Time: that ancient lady sitting over there by the fireplace. Do not knock at her door, approach silently without saying a word. She has been waiting for you since the beginning of time. Do not look into her black eyes, she is able to see the void and you are just a temporary traveller.

Give it to her. Gently deliver her the you in her hands. Let you rest within her infinite arms, she’ll sing you a lullaby till the time is ripe, back and forward, back and forward… back and… forward… back … and …

Step back and wait
…wait… wait… wait…

Observe her. Learn from the cadence of her repeated movements, always in cycles.

Don’t move and wait. Don’t be lazy and observe …and wait.

Until her work is done.

Then she will give you back. A baby version of you will be reunited with the old self. Take the experience on your own hands, embrace yourself and keep on walking.


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